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I have hired several photography services this year and have been in contact with many more and OK George! Studio is by far the best photography service I have experienced.

Organizing a large event is hard enough, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to micromanage or monitor your photographers. You should also never feel like your event isn’t going to be captured properly or that you won’t be able to use the captured content as you wish. Not here.

George is supremely professional and great at every aspect of the photography business. Perhaps more importantly, he cares about his customers and in my experience will make every possible effort to satisfy them. He is such a kind person that he even helped us move tables and chairs and clean up after our event because he knew we needed the help. He is also a pleasure to be around.

It’s difficult to know who you can trust with capturing the important moments, but you can certainly count on George! – Tim Pereira

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What is the future of commercial photography?

Is professional filmmaking and photography going extinct?

Though of course with the rise of the smart phone and everyone on Earth having a camera in their pocket made us ponder the question, we still believe that professional videography and photography is relevant and won’t die out. Why? Because human beings, we believe, always want excellence and superiority. So, today, the only way brands can distinguish themselves and stay relevant is by displaying high quality productions. If you publish a photo/video taken or filmed on an iPhone, are you sure you’re standing out and worse, not reflecting badly on your brand? The only way to keep up is to hire professionals.

Hence, we believe the future of photo and video production is still alive and kicking, at least for the time being. Is there a chance a new unforeseen technology, becoming accessible to the mainstream, renders the industry obsolete? Yes, that’s a theoretical possibility which we haven’t gotten to yet.

Thanks to the democratization of the industry and the lowering of camera costs, there are more and more media producers, hence higher competition, undoubtedly. If a photographer or videographer is truly passionate and good at what they do though, they have nothing to fear. We personally embrace competition. It’s what keeps us wanting to improve and upgrade, skills and gear.

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FAQ / Q&A – Why is this an important read?

If hiring or signing a contract with a photographer for your company is on your to-do list, this might be a useful read.

How to hire a photographer?

We’ll begin with the most simple but essential question.

Hiring a photographer is like contracting any other type of professional: you contact them, you communicate very clearly about the services you need, you ask for a quote and if it’s a match, you sign a contract and get your dream pictures taken!

We simplified our answer of course, and there are a lot of steps in between that must be taken for an efficient and smooth running of the whole process. Our aim here was to say that a photographer operates just like any other freelancer and professional.

Where can I find a professional photography company?

There are a few ways to find a professional photo production agency. The one we like most is a referral through word of mouth. If your colleague has already “worked with this amazing photographer”, chances are they’ll be an option worth looking into. The other way is googling and finding options online.

Do not trust Google ads blindly. Though we advertise our services on Google ourselves, we encourage you to prioritize organic search results. Go through blogs and other platforms too, like YELP and ThreeBestRated. Beware blogs that have been paid to list the agency services. There’s no sure way of knowing who’s not being honest of course, but make sure the listings make sense and follow your instincts.

How to identify the best corporate photography company?

This questions comes down to the simple and valid human need of getting the best quality out of what your money can buy. There are 3 steps you can take to optimize your search for a suitable photographer.

Step 1: begin with an online search and look at the Google Reviews quantity, review quality and overall score. This is not the only metric to look for, but one surely to help you identify 3-4 best photography agencies in your city.

Step 2: browse the photographer’s or agency website and photographic portfolio. You must look at the framing of the pictures, the quality of the resolution and the lighting. Is everything well-lit? Are the subjects in focus? Are the colours of the scenes beautiful? Were you entertained and engaged and felt absorbed into the photo album’s universe? Photography is an art, it’s not science. Different photographers have different styles, and they’re all valid. Follow your instincts and see what type of vibe fits your own company and brand, and take it from there.

Step 3: establish a connection with the agency and photographer, ask for a quote and evaluate the customer service quality, such as how fast they respond, how friendly and patient they are, and better yet, schedule a phone call and talk to someone directly! With luck, they’re the professionals you deserve, and if they’re not, follow the next lead.

What does a commercial photography company do?

A freelance photographer is someone you hire to take professional photos for you. Sometimes, that person owns the gear they’d need to accomplish the photoshoot. At other occasions, they might need to rent the kit that will help achieve the services you seek, and this will add to your costs. For example, you might ask for a second camera, or a specific lens type, etc. A freelance photographer can also be hired by a production agency, and be “sent out” by them to a location to fulfill a photoshoot.

In contrast to a freelancer, a production agency is a bit more of an elaborate entity that has a larger team. Now, that agency might very well send just one photographer to a shoot, so it’s not about the number of staff on the shoot, but about the ones that are available behind the scenes rather.

You might ask, what’s better – to hire an independent freelancer or a photography agency? The truth is, it depends. An agency can be more expensive than a freelancer, but also more reliable as expectations must be met and there are more thorough checks and balances. But the opposite can also happen: an agency can be cheaper than a freelancer, but also less professional. Our advice? Don’t look at that aspect. Just evaluate the price, the quality of the work and the professionalism at hand, whether it’s a freelancer or an agency.

Remember, there is no right or wrong in photography. One photographer can have super well-lit high-key photos, and another can prefer more of a dramatic look with lots of contrast and shadows, for example. Other factors are camera angles and framing.

Overall though, there is no “correct” style. It all depends on your brand, your audience and honestly, your own personal preferences. A suitable production agency can help you determine that style, and this is a service our agency always provides.

How do you work with a photographer overseas?

These days, a large portion of our clients are based abroad and communications gets established through virtual meetings. We communicate online, like by writing each other by email or we meet on Zoom and Teams. These online meetings are as good as meeting in person, if not better even, as they save everyone the added trouble of having to travel to gather.

Now, our advice when it comes to hiring a photographer overseas is very similar to our previous advice. Read the 3 steps we’ve written above to optimize your search for a suitable photographer.

The additional components that are at stake here are the cultural and linguistic differences. Clear communication is essential. Being polite and friendly go a long way. Also, ask them if they’ve worked with companies outside their own country before and make sure it’s in their comfort zone.

Why is corporate photography important for your company?

If you’re reading this, you probably already at least know the partial answer to these questions. Investing in professionally-taken photos leads to enriching your database of visuals, which can be strategically used to enhance internal culture, staff confidence, your brand and ultimately and if done right, it can generate sales and have a huge impact on how you’re perceived by the market. As they say, you have to spend money to make money.

Creating your commercial photos also brings you the personal confidence and a much-welcome self-esteem boost, especially if you’re the entrepreneur behind the startup or the manager of a brand, product or service which you consider to be your baby.

How do photographers make money and how much does it cost to hire a photography agency?

Production companies make money the old-fashioned way: they get paid by their clients. Bear in mind that there are a lot of costs they incur, like paying for the needed kit rentals and purchases, and also covering their insurance costs, gas costs and time spent passionately working on your projects.

You can find a photographer who’s just starting out for as low as $12/h. In contrast, a professionally-photographed album can cost you up to $1,500 or more. It all depends on your expectations and needs. These fees do not include actor costs for instance, or any other props or specific special requests.

How hard of a job is it to be a photographer?

Being a photographer is really hard, even for ones that are passionate about the craft such as we are.

First of all, it’s expensive like you wouldn’t believe. Buying or renting a camera can eat up half the incoming revenue per project. It takes a lot of physical energy to carry the kit back and forth, but also to prepare it in advance and to process the photos and re-organize it after the fact. It’s also an emotional, and dare we say, a spiritual investment, because a photographer daydreams a lot about their art, like the photos they’ve taken in the past and the images to be taken in the future.

So don’t take the photographer you hire for granted, truly! They have to be technically masterful to adapt along any challenge, they have to customer service-oriented professional and bring with them an artistic vision which will prove essential to the success of your project. It takes a lot of work to juggle successfully between these exigent realities.

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