⬆ ELLEvate Role Model #1: Mary-Anne Carignan

Meet Mary-Anne Carignan, the President of Purkinje Inc., and a strong example of an entrepreneur who cares about people and their well-being.

⬆ ELLEvate Role Model #2: Paulina Podgorska

Watch as Paulina Podgorska, founder of SOS Sitter, walks us through the opportunity she embraced as a woman entrepreneur raising a child, and how she turned her challenge of being a single-mom into a thriving business.

⬆ Google Speaker Series: ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs

Only 15% of entrepreneurs in Montreal are women. It’s time for women to take their place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and learn how to stand up to systemic gender barriers!

⬆ ELLEvate Role Model #3: Zoonie Nguyen

What are the three key "muscles" that all women entrepreneurs should hone to grow their businesses? Talentelle founder, Zoonie Nguyen, shares her secret recipe for success.

⬆ ELLEvate Role Model #4: Tara Akhavan

Tara Akhavan, Technology entrepreneur and General Manager of Faurecia IRYStec Inc., shares her personal experiences and challenges.

⬆ Join The ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Pre-Accelerator Program!

Women entrepreneurs, apply to the ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Pre-Accelerator and get access to business training and cash prizes. Curious about the program? Watch this video and hear from last year’s participants on how it helped them. http://bit.ly/LearnAboutELLEvate

ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs is a new women-centric entrepreneurial program that builds on YES Employment + Entrepreneurship’s already-established core services. Want to know how to bring your ideas to fruition and grow as an entrepreneur in a stimulating, growth-oriented, diverse and inclusive environment? Watch these Role Model Videos we produced for YES to learn from and get inspired by the achievements of these amazing women entrepreneurs in Quebec.

Curious to know how you can get your business started, visit yesmontreal.ca to book an appointment with one of their business coaches. They’re online and ready to help.

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