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We look forward to meeting you!

In light of National Camera Day, you’re cordially invited to attend OK George! Studio’s Fun and Interactive Media Day at Maison Notman House.

This event is perfect for you to attend, or at least to make a quick guest appearance in, if you’re a hardworking entrepreneur with a penchant for creativity! 

Have you always wanted to start producing and sharing your own audiovisual content? And if you’ve already started, improve its quality? 

Care to learn how to better use teleprompters and lighting, and even participate in a green-screened video booth and see yourself on the big screen? 

Do you want to get a new professional portrait taken for your Linkedin profile? 

How about taking part in a 3-hour workshop to improve your production skills and your on-camera performance?

Our agency’s unique “OK George! Studio’s Media Day” is offering all of these activities on June 27th.


RSVP your Thursday, June 27th to attend this Media Day, taking place at Maison Notman House.

Meet the friendly and skilled crew of OK George! Studio, a Montreal-based production agency known for its commercial photography and videography. Maison Notman House is one of Montreal’s most vibrant entrepreneurial hubs, so you’ll also get to network with Media Day visitors and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.

Here’s how OK George! Studio’s Media Day will look like:


10:30 AM – 4:00 PM Fun & Interactive Media Stations

The 3 Media Stations below will be accessible all-day long, FREE and participation is first come, first served. You can check in anytime during the day, but registration is preferable to ensure participation. On the day of, aim to look polished and “camera-ready” in terms of clothes and hair (otherwise, no need to prepare anything in advance to successfully participate in these activities):

  • Activity 1: Portrait Photography Station 

Get your headshot taken by a professional photographer. Your photoshoot pictures will be sent to you in the next 2-3 business days, following which you’ll choose your favourite shot and we’ll polish it to perfection. The payment? A simple and quick Google Review will be kind of you but not mandatory.

  • Activity 2: Video Booth Station 

Step into a magical universe where you can be transported into any location. Yes indeed, a green-screened video booth surrounded by lights and cinema cameras awaits your talents for a performance of a lifetime! Your participation reward? An OK George! Studio swag bag with memorable gifts for you to take home.

  • Activity 3: Media Training Station 

Experience the difference between a regular selfie-video set-up, and an elevated one with better lighting, audio and even a teleprompter! How can simple and affordable adjustments in your everyday virtual communications make a huge impact on your professional image? Once you experience OK George! Studio, you’ll never look better in video!


1:30 PM – 4:30 PM 2 Media Workshops (these optional activities will be held in private rooms for a $100 participation fee and pre-registration is required as spaces are very limited. The content is bilingual.):

  • 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM  “Creating audiovisual content with impact!” is an audiovisual content production workshop created and facilitated by George Karkour. The workshop is designed for the creative marketer in you that can’t wait to start producing media for your products and services. Whether for yourself or a company you work for, gaining valuable filming, lighting, and audio recording insight, as well as teleprompter skills can be very useful and practical. We hope this workshop helps you step up your audiovisual digital footprint!
  • 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM  “Building Camera Confidence for Media Creators” is a workshop created and facilitated by Boyan Djefersky. You’ll tap into your inner performer and magnify your storyteller skills all by powerfully engaging  your target audience through the lens. 


We look forward to meeting you on June 27th! Register for free by clicking here.