“Do Your Productions Meet Broadcast Quality Requirements?” Yes, They Do!

Q: What does your studio offer?

A: We are a Montreal-based in-house media production facility for all your photography and videography needs. A go-to agency as you develop your next inspirational idea, we’re a team you can trust and rely on. Here you’ll find videographers, post-production specialists, website builders, social media managers, graphic designers and musicians. We’ll help you with the storyboarding, the casting and any other creative services you might require. Our studio philosophy is to focus on your brand personality and to communicate it through beautiful audio-visual images and other creative marketing material. You can also visualize our portfolio to see what we’re talking about.

Q: Tell us more about your studio! 

A: It’s a transportable one, you heard it right! All of our production processes are flexible and efficient. We offer portraits, professional shots and promos as well as product and food photography. All productions can take place at either your locale or within the space of our studio, depending on your project needs.

Q: Does the quality of your productions meet television broadcast requirements?

A: Yes, and that of cinema screens’ as well. All of our photos and videos are in 4K (Resolution), the highest standard possible in the commercial world. Our cinema camera for example, the Canon C300 Mark II, was used to film scenes from Iron Man 3.

Q: Do you offer social media services?

A: Yes, our slogan is All Your Media In One Hand for a reason. Though we specialize in audio-visual content productions, we also offer community management which enrich your platforms with graphics, photos, videos and contests.

Q: How much do you charge to produce promotional videos?

A: The quick answer is: we charge the best rates in Montreal. The costs of each project depend on various factors: the creative scope, production time, props, actors and space. Same applies to social media management. Each brand has different needs. All we can promise is a competitive quote and ultimately an excellent and professional delivery. We will be waiting for your project submission details through our Contact Us page to guide you through the early stage of production.


Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Page. You can also visit us right in front of Place Des Festivals – view below.