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Our workshops will improve the quality of your staff’s virtual calls and audiovisual digital skills. Choose the ideal workshop format for you!

Professional Media Training: Learn The Ropes!
1 workshop (2 hours) for 1-8 people
This workshop is offered for a limited time only.
Includes 1.5 hours of theory and 30 minutes of practice
Workshop offered in English or French
Different camera devices (smart phones, laptops, desktops) and their configuration
Camera distance and angle
Set-up and lighting
Audio input and recording
The teleprompter
Post-production and "virtual sharing" software, and much more!
30 minutes of in-person hands-on practice with the OK George! Studio crew
Practice gear includes video and recording devices, lighting, teleprompters and software
Tips & Tricks and recommendations for purchases to optimize your digital image
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The Frequently Asked Questions section below might have all the answers you need.

The workshop is meant to improve your staff’s audiovisual skills using accessible office devices (desktops, laptops, smart phones, small gadgets, etc.), allowing them to improve their overall image production quality, may it be lighting, camera and audio recording and even learning how to use the teleprompter.

It’s a 2-to-3-hour session that’s in person and mixes media production theory and practice with gear that you and your team can easily have access to – and possibly some low-cost options that you can eventually purchase. The practice session allows you and your staff to experiment and broaden your horizons.

The workshop is ideal for managers, directors of Communications, Marketing or Sales departments but it can also be enjoyed and appreciated by professionals in HR, Accounting, Project leads, Customer Service and any other type of fields.

We are fully aware that you’re not professional videographers, and all of our teachings and low-cost practice kit have been carefully selected to be accessible for professionals like “you and me” with limited access to devices and with a basic understanding of video and audio recording processes.

What your team and yourself will learn during the workshop, both in theory and in practice, can be directly brought to your everyday business practices:

  • You’ll improve the quality of your virtual calls on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.

    Make yourself and your representatives more accessible, appealing and professional-sounding and looking by being better lit, better framed and easier to hear.

  • You’ll step up the quality of your social media and website content (if produced in-house)

    Have your spokesperson create better blogs, Tiktok content (“selfie videos”) or general podcasts, photos and videos.

  • You’ll leverage you general media production skills:

    Do you want yourself and your staff to film better pitches and business presentations? Have more powerful video calls? We all need these digital skills these days.

  • You’ll strengthen your team bonding

    Your team would work together to film and practice using the gear, bringing a sense of camaraderie and a fun creative collaboration spirit to your collective experiences.

The workshop is offered in the language of your choice (English or French), or even bilingually. We can discuss your preferences together.

We’re currently offering two workshop formats.

The “Learn The Ropes” workshop is 2-hours long, mixing 1.5 hours of theory and 30 minutes of practice.

The “Become Pros” workshop is 3-hours long, mixing 1.5 hours of theory and 1.5 hours of practice. This format is one hour longer than the first, allowing for longer practice time and collaborative activity.

Regardless of the workshop duration you opted for, up to 8 people can participate.

From experience, we’ve found that a group of up to 8 people optimizes for everyone the learning process during their practice time. If you’re a large company, we can discuss a larger format or multiple workshops. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a “startup of one”, as in an entrepreneur or only 2 co-founders at this stage, lucky you: all our attention will be on you!

We can schedule your next workshop whenever it suits you! Once you book, we can find a suitable date and time slot to suit you and your team. We’re very flexible and we offer this workshop on weekdays and week-ends, anytime during the day starting 9:00 AM, and even as late as as a starting time of 6:00 PM if needed. We usually recommend 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM for your energy levels to be at their highest.

The workshop will take place in your office space (or at a location of your choice). The workshop creator and presenter, George Karkour, and a crew member, will come in to your Montreal office accompanied with the gear to set up 30 minutes prior.

We ideally need a private spacious space like a boardroom to set up the gear for the practice zone, and ideally, a TV screen to connect our PowerPoint slides to present the workshop. Offices outside of the Island of Montreal might incur an additional travel fee. 

The workshop can be offered virtually if you wish, and does indeed include some “hands-on” practice , but of course given the absence of direct in-person guidance, practical learnings will be more limited.

Yes! Though the theory components remain the same, we can make sure that the practice part is relevant to your business, your team, your products and services.

For example if you’re a boutique or a restaurant, we’ll certainly be product or food-oriented. If you’re in sales, we’ll put all our attention on better engaging customers. When we come in to your business location, we survey your resources, lighting and general vibe, and we adapt accordingly! You’re in good hands.


We look forward to offering you the guidance you need to create the most suitable media training workshop package for your business!


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