Last year, Max Knoop travelled all the way from Germany to experience an internship at OK George Studio. He just sent us a testimonial that was so touching we had to share it with you…

✍ By Max Knoop

Today marks exactly one year since my four-month internship at OK George! Studio started.

I had just graduated from High School in Germany and I was dreaming of learning photography and videography in Canada, thus all by experiencing a new culture and improving my language skills in French and English. In retrospect, I can say that the few months I spent working at the agency were some of the most important weeks in my life.

I learned so much about so many things and actually fell in love with the processes involved in creating great photos and videos.

George (the agency director and my internship manager) allowed me to work with him in every aspect of all his ongoing productions: I was helping him prepare before the agency’s productions, I was assisting on set and I was doing editing and general post production.

But he did so much more than that. George also spent his free time teaching me about many things and brought me to special places. That’s how I got to visit a Sikh temple and explore montreal’s beautiful areas.

George was a great mentor I will always be thankful for his encouragement that allowed me to grow in so many areas, both on a professional and personal level. He prepared me for my own freelance business back in Frankfurt with skills I can’t imagine I would have learned better somewhere else.

The countless laughtersGeorge and I had while working on projects made the time really worthwhile. Oh, and not to forget Golden, one of the cutest dogs I have ever met. I still think a lot about my internship with OK George! Studio and can’t wait to see George, his team and Golden again very soon. I miss you all a lot.

Max Knoop