This Photography & Videography Masterclass is a personalized group course provided by OK George! Studio as part of a greater community effort. 

The Masterclass offers educational material that amalgamates both photography and video production theory and practice, and introduces the students to strong and important notions of camera operations. Overall, attending the classes comes with huge benefits. You’ll get out with:

1) Stronger skills in photography/videography (including practicing with the Canon C300 Mark II cinema camera).

2) A firmer grasp of commercial production processes, camera operations, semiotics and media theory.

3) Video capsules and testimonials for your CVs and portfolios (like these for example: Photography & Videography Masterclass).

 Philosophy lovers will explore academic and semantic notions of image creation; amateur social media fans will learn how to create better content (framing, lighting, photo colours, make-up, etc.); and last but certainly not least, semi-professionals will leverage their professional apprehension of the craft and get a chance of joining OK George! Studio’s paid internship program.

The curriculum is spread out over a three-week period, 3 hours a week (totalling 9 hours of apprehension). 

Important notes:

  • Note 1: Owning a DSLR/DSLM is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Note 2: After subscribing, the selected candidates will be notified months in advance.