Bab Sharqi is a Syrian-Mediterranean Mezze and Grill. Its traditional decor, music and beverages make for a true cultural experience. 

We offered the brand our usual service package: photography, videography, post-production and logo animation. 

Our team took a souvenir picture after wrapping up the production day!

Meet Sami, Kenny, Giuseppe, Clara, George and Adrian.

Bab Sharqi is a Syrian-Mediterranean Mezze and Grill. The restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Middle Eastern plates, beverages and sweets. Deemed as one of the only places in Montreal to serve authentic Damascene food, the warm service and welcoming staff contribute to the authentic atmosphere which Bab Sharqi offers. The venue can also host many events such as weddings, engagements, parties, baptisms, graduations, birthdays and Oud nights.

ClientBab Sharqi Pub & GrillServicesPromotional Videos, Services PhotographyYearApril 2017Link


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